Cheapest Direct Mail Option at 18.3 Cents
by U.S. Postal Service

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by the USPS designed to help small businesses market themselves to Columbus, OH or any other local community in Ohio, the Midwest or anywhere in the USA. You don't need specific names or addresses; you just need to know the zip code of any neighborhoods you want to contact. It's an affordable way to expand a company's reach.

Cloud 8 Printing EDDM 101 For Planning, Printing and Mailing Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a discounted service offered by the USPS for 18.3 cents per card. EDDM is designed to help small businesses market to their local community. ie: In Columbus, OH you can send Every Door Direct Mail to Hilliard, Dublin, Westerville, New Albany, Powell or any town in the Greater Columbus,Ohio area. Or mail to Marion, Lancaster,Delaware OH, across the state or across the USA.

Whereever your customers are EDDM can work for you!
You don't need mailing lists or specific names or addresses; you just need to know the zip code of any neighborhoods you want to contact. Need help with that call, email or text Cloud 8 Printing and Marketing 614-273-0845. It's an affordable way to expand a company's reach.

Every Door Direct Mail is a great way to reach your clients with your local marketing offers.ie: If you have a restaurant in Dublin you can target your mailings to just reach homes East of the river. Or if you own a dry cleaners in Reynoldsburg, OH we can design, print and mail postcard with special offers to a 2 mile radius near to your store.

What are the advantages to "Every Door Direct Mail:

  1. Postage as low as 18.5 cents a home.
  2. It is cheaper than bulk mail and arrives at your recipient's home sooner.
  3. Addressing is simpler. No need for bar coding.
  4. No need to buy an expensive mail permit.

Understanding EDDM Guidelines:
Every Door Direct has a few rules and restrictions. Call Cloud 8 if you have questions 614/273-0845 about how to address or layout your EDDM postcards of any of the restrictions below.

  1. You must mail to complete postal routes (subgroups of zip codes about 200 - 800 homes each).
  2. You have to mail a flat piece (no letters) and size restrictions apply.
  3. You have to drop them off at the appropriate Post Office location.
  4. You are limited to mailing no more than 5,000 pieces on any one day per zip code.
  5. You need to prepare your bundles according to USPS specs.

    USPS Acceptable Every Door Direct Postcard Sizes:
    We offer Postcard sizes that meet Every Door Direct Mail specifications. Look for the words EDDM Eligible next to the size on the pricing calculator dropdown menu.for postcard printing. The 4-Color Offset Postcards that meet USPS requirements are clearly marked. Simply order the Postcards, fill out the paper work, (call Cloud 8, we can do or help lead you through the paperwork) and take them to the neighborhood post office for mailing.

    Cloud 8 Printing understands optionsl USPS solutions for businesses of all sizes and marketing goals. Many smaller businesses prefer to market locally; they can use EDDM to target specific neighborhoods ie: say Muirfield, Dublin, but not east of the river. For example, a local pizza restaurant may target a 5 mile radius near Ohio State campus (OSU) while a law firm targets Dulin, Hilliard or areas with a lot of office buildings like downtown Columbus, OH.

    Getting Started With Every Door Direct Mail:
    Getting started with EDDM for the first time is a bit complicated, so we highly recommend calling us or reading all the details on USPS website page on EDDM and addressing Every Door Direct Mail and downloading the information that the USPS offers on their website. EDDM is a great option if you plan on sending mailings more than 4 times a year because once you get it set up and you are familiar with the process, it can save money. However, if you plan to send mailings out a couple times a year, it's likely a smarter option print a couple of mailings of postcards ie: 500 for Westerville this week, 500 for Upper Arlington for next week and 1,000 for EDDM cards to Powell next month. Sometimes direct mail might even be a better fit. EIther way Cloud 8 Printing can handle all the details with eith Full Service EDDM or regular Direct Mail.

    Most every post office participates in EDDM, But you can check by letting us know which postal route you want to reach or what geographic area.

    If you prefer to find the postal routes yourself, you can use the USPS mapping program shown below. Begin by entering a zip code you want to mail to in the search bar.

    For more details about EDDM, click here to visit the USPS site.

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